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How to AVOID getting knocked out (in a fight)

I’m not gonna lie. It sucks to get knocked out! You can feel it. I’ve never really been knocked out and even still, I’m deathly afraid of it happening to me. Dare I say it, I think the fear of getting knocked out is probably worse than actually getting knocked out.

In fact, the fear of getting knocked out will change your style. It will definitely affect you as a fighter, especially if it’s happened before. Part of me wonders whether that fear will help you or hurt you in the ring. Part of me wonders if that fear might make you even more susceptible to getting knocked out.

And for those who HAVE been knocked out…it’s a number of things. Sometimes it’s physical pain but it can also be psychological pain. The humiliation and embarrassment. Maybe the other fighter talked a lot of trash. Or maybe you got knocked out in front of all your friends and girlfriend/boyfriend…ARGHHH!!! SUCKS!!!!

The right amount of cautiousness

I believe there’s a right amount of cautiousness your opponent’s punches. The first step is to respect your opponent and keep yourself defensively-responsible. The second step is to learn how to see incoming knockout punches, to swim with them, even get comfortable with them. And the final step, is to use them to your advantage!…countering your opponent’s knockout punches so you can knock them out!

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