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7 Advanced Counter-Punches for Southpaws

Once you’ve fought as a southpaw long enough, you’ll realize it’s always a game to see to who can land their back cross. It’s a bunch of feints, reach-ins, and pull-backs, before someone eventually lands their cross. Either the orthodox fighter lands his RIGHT cross or the southpaw fighter lands his LEFT cross. It’s almost like no other punch matters as much.

It makes sense since it’s very hard to land hooks in orthodox-southpaw match-ups. The foot positions make it so that you’re either landing weak little jabs or big crosses. And it’s likely that whoever lands more crosses is probably winning the fight.

The advanced counters I share in this guide will help you get beyond just thinking about the cross. It’ll help you get into positions to make your right hook a threat, which in turn, makes your left cross an even bigger threat! I’ll also show you some new angles to threaten with your left hand so that’s it’s not just a predictable straight left every time.

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