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Understanding the Value of Sports

Committed to Transparency

We believe that sport can move the world forward and that progress toward a better tomorrow is possible. That’s not just an aspiration, it’s our call to action. Publishing an annual report provides an inside look to the work — how we invest our resources to drive impact, and whether or not we’re on track with our commitments. Year after year, we provide transparency to where we’re gaining and where more traction is needed. This is important for us internally, allowing employees to have an understanding of where we’re headed. And it’s just as important to share our journey externally, so others learn with us and join us. We know progress over perfection is valued by consumers and employees, and reporting against our targets holds us accountable to action.

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New Apparel Line Bridges Generations

Within this practice, athlete data and digital design converge, a mastery of body-motion study meets virtuosic traditional craftsmanship and cushioning platforms are reworked in experimental new silhouettes. An unconstrained application of these elements underscores Nike Design Exploration (which includes ISPA), a bold new conduit for game-changing apparel and footwear collections.

The latest iteration of this exploratory design proposition is Every Stitch Considered, a timeless lifestyle collection combining exceptional craftsmanship with data-informed fit and function.

“Innovation arrives when you become so familiar with a process that you allow yourself the opportunity to reinvent it. With that in mind, Nike Design Exploration asks us to push the boundaries of the familiar, exploring new territories of creativity and expertise,” says Kurt Parker, Nike VP of Apparel Design. “Every Stitch Considered is ultimately a sportswear-inspired lifestyle collection, but our unique understanding of the body in motion, based in decades of scientific study, paired with dedicated old-world Italian craftsmanship, sets these garments apart as distinct, timeless articles.”

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Russell Westbrook’s triple-double helps

The 32-year-old registered 19 points, 19 rebounds and 10 assists as Washington won 106-92.Point guard Westbrook has made more triple-doubles than any other NBA player this season, with 15.

Elsewhere, Kawhi Leonard made a team-high 28 points as the Los Angeles Clippers beat the Philadelphia 76ers.The 76ers are top of the Eastern Conference but they were beaten 122-112 by the Clippers.